The First Immunity Management Tool for Keeping Students, Athletes, and Employees Safe

A smart, scientific, and simple way to manage
both natural and vaccinated immunity

The strength and duration of your COVID immunity can now be measured and monitored.

There are two catalysts that turn your body's immune system into a machine that fights COVID-19 and its variants: the vaccine and the virus, itself.

Studies vary as to which catalyst does a better job of allowing your body to create lasting immunity.

Regardless of which study you're reading, at the end of the day, the outcomes expressed are an average or trend line based on the results of the entire cohort.

That said, all studies agree that both immunities wane over time. 

Doesn't it make more sense to measure your own individual immune response rather than relying on vaccine status as the sole measure of safety and protection?

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Now you can build your COVID policies and protocols around the protective immunity levels of your employees, staff, students, or athletes.

When a person gets infected by the COVID-19 virus or any of its variants, the body immediately starts to produce antibodies to fend off the attacker. The most important of these antibodies are known as neutralizing antibodies, or NAbs. Neutralizing antibodies block the spike proteins of the virus from attaching to the ACE2 receptors of your cells and infecting them.

The role of the vaccine is, essentially, to trick your body into producing NAbs prior to your encountering the virus. This is why so many people choose to be vaccinated... because the vaccine helps bolster an immune response that is specifically targeting COVID-19 prior to your coming in contact with it.

The people who have recovered from COVID-19 have a strong presence of NAbs in addition to other antibodies. Studies show that in most cases, that is sufficient protection, and others show that a single jab is all someone who has been previously infected needs to be more protected than a non-infected person who has been triple vaccinated.

The bottom line is, the production and presence of NAbs is what protects people from either catching the virus or becoming hospitalized because of it.

That said, it is the presence and efficacy of NAbs that should be monitored in your workforce, not simply vaccine compliance. 

The Anzu Immune Profile is the only comprehensive immunity assay and reporting system available that allows you to do just that!

vaccine and antibody testing

That said, it is the presence and efficacy of NAbs that should be monitored in your workforce, not simply vaccine compliance. 

The Anzu Immune Profile is the only comprehensive immunity assay and reporting system available that allows you to do just that!

The Anzu Immune Profile provides you with a comprehensive system for protecting your workforce without having to police vaccine or mask mandates.1

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Immunity Assay

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Management System

Assess COVID protection in your workplace with the Immune Profile comprehensive immunity assay.

The Anzu Immune Profile uses as its foundational assay the FDA/EUA-approved cPass™ test, which has consistently proven itself over the past two years to be the most accurate and reliable assay for measuring the quantity and efficacy of your neutralizing antibodies. 

We've extended that assay so that it not only measures your immune strength against the original (Alpha or Wild Type) SARS-CoV-2 virus, it also includes the Delta variant, as well. The Omicron assay is in the works.

Additionally, the Immune Profile also checks for N-antibodies to let you know if you've been exposed to the virus.

virus neutralization tests

Employees get notified of and can monitor their lab results in real-time with the EVE patient app.

Employees' results are sent in real-time directly from the lab into the app, so, they won’t have to wait for a doctor or nurse to call them with the results or panic if they miss the call.

And they won’t have to login to some patient portal and read their way through cryptic numbers that only a physician would understand.

The EVE patient app has an easy-to-understand interface that summarizes all the important points of their personal virus neutralization tests, plus fingertip access to the full laboratory report.

Furthermore, the ImmunoCard® is designed to update with new immunity tests for new variants as they become available.

As an employer or safety manager, you can oversee everyone's COVID protection status on our HIPAA compliant Immunity Management System Dashboard

Monitor immune strength and get notified of pending retest dates, so you can always be assured that your employees, staff, students, and/or athletes are safe and protected.

The Anzu Immunity Management System, just like the EVE Patient App, provides an easy-to-understand user interface which summarizes all the important points of the virus neutralization tests:

  • Positive neutralizing activity (currently protected against getting serious infection from SARS-CoV-2)
  • Negative Neutralizing activity (currently not protected against getting serious infection from SARS-CoV-2)
  • Percentage of neutralizing antibodies
  • Date for retest*

For the first time - The same test used in labs to determine vaccine efficacy and identify high titer convalescent plasma is now available to you.

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Don't ask your employees or students to travel the Pandemic Highway without a gas gauge.

Managing immunity and vaccination timing is like driving without a gas gauge. Every vehicle gets different gas mileage, and that vehicle's mileage will also vary depending upon who's driving.

Similarly, everyone's immune system is different. Applying rules of thumb is too much of a guessing game when it comes to someone's life. 

Contact us today and find how the Immunity Profile can help you mitigate fear and uncertainty in your organization.