About Us

A Joint-Venture Committed to Advancing Immunity Management in the Workplace

ANZU®, Healix Pathology, LLP, and Bizzuka, Inc. have combined forces to bring immunity management capabilities and technology into the workplace, school systems, and heath care organizations. The lab work for the Immunity Profile is performed in our CLIA certified lab that is qualified to perform high-complexity testing.

Our belief is that through cutting edge science, software, and neutralizing antibody testing, we can provide people with the critical information necessary to empower decision making, mitigate fear, and improve health care outcomes.

Barry Fernando

Barry Fernando, M.D.

found & ceo | Anzu

Dr. Barry Fernando brings a physician’s perspective to the development and implementation of software solutions in medicine.

Dr. Fernando was in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona from 1988 to 2019. He specialized in in aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery of the breast. On multiple occasions, he was named Phoenix Magazine’s “Top Doctor” by a vote of his peers. 

He was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and was a member in good standing of The American Society of Plastic Surgery and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for his entire career. During that time, he also co-founded two software companies, ANZU® and Ronan Solutions™.

Since the founding of ANZU® in 2010, Dr Fernando has helped conceptualize and develop the many different platforms that concentrate on solving some of the fundamental problems faced by physicians and patients.

Kevin Rosenblatt

Kevin P. Rosenblatt, M.D., Ph.D.

president & medical director | consultative genomics, PLLC

Dr. Rosenblatt has more than 30 years of clinical and biomedical research and development experience in multiple settings, including academia, biotech, startups, and clinical practice, and he has published over 80 papers and book chapters on cancer and neuronal biology, biomarker development, and clinical genomics and proteomics.

Currently, he is President and Medical Director of Consultative Genomics, PLLC, a molecular pathology group specializing in Genomic and Proteomic clinical testing as applied to chronic disease, population health management, and personalized medicine. 

He is also currently Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of NX Prenatal, a prenatal diagnostics company developing assays for adverse pregnancy outcomes and conditions such as preterm birth. Previously, he was Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Medical Officer, and Clinical Laboratory Director at CompanionDx’s CLIA/CAP/NYSDH- certified reference lab.

John Munsell

John Munsell

founder & Ceo | Bizzuka, inc.

John has 30 years of experience in software development and digital marketing and 15 years of experience in the financial services industry.
During this time, he has designed and overseen software automation that has helped to streamline operations and internal accountability for over 1,000 organizations.

As the CEO of Bizzuka, John has grown the company to be recognized by Inc Magazine for three consecutive years as one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the US.

John has also been instrumental in creating software applications for clients, including one that helped a large marine transportation company significantly reduce payroll fraud. In fact, this custom application saved the company over $2 million in the first four years of the program was utilized.

John has also designed marketing systems and automation to help one of Bizzuka’s clients go from generating one lead per year to over 1,000 leads per year, which ultimately catapulted that company from $16 million in revenue to over $58 million in revenue in just three short years.