Immunity Management

Retain workers and improve workplace health and safety through a HIPAA-compliant Immunity Management System.

Managing vaccine mandates and regular PCR testing for non-vaccinated folks has been a nightmare for schools, health care systems, and business owners. 

Fortunately, there's light at the end of the tunnel. 

A much easier, logical, and more equitable option to vaccine mandates has emerged: immunity management.

Most organizations right now are struggling with Vaccine Compliance Management. A vaccine card may give an indicator of the last vaccine or booster shot, but it doesn’t indicate how that individual’s body has responded to that vaccine.

A PCR or rapid antigen test gives an indicator as to where employees stand today or at the specific moment in time that they took the test. But neither the vaccines nor the PCR tests indicate how protected those employees will be 5 minutes later, much less 5 days later.

On the flip side, when you switch to Immunity Management rather than Vaccine Compliance Management, you get an insight into each individual employee’s protective levels of COVID-fighting antibodies. This allows you to assess the collective protective status of your workforce’s health, and you can feel confident that your workforce is protected even if someone walks into your workplace after receiving a false-negative read on their PCR test.

Each employee, armed with the knowledge that their unique level of COVID protection is significant enough to ward off serious infection, would probably feel a lot better about working all day in your work environment and then heading back home to their loved ones.

Managing your workforce according to COVID protective strength is more predictive and safer than relying solely on PCR tests, vaccines, or booster timelines.

Neutralizing antibodies are well known to be your body’s primary defense mechanism when it comes to stopping COVID-19 and its variants.

There are only two ways to get your body to produce neutralizing antibodies: The vaccine or the virus.

Surrogate Virus Neutralization Tests (sVNTs) are the gold standard when it comes to quantifying a person’s concentration of neutralizing antibodies at a scalable level for work environments and school systems.

The Anzu Immunity Profile is an FDA/EUA approved sVNT extended with cutting-edge assays that give individuals a unique look at their immune protection against the original strain of COVID-19, the Delta variant, and soon the Omicron variant. The assay also incorporates an N1 antibody test to let you know if you’ve been exposed to the virus within the last 90-180 days.

When you switch to Immunity Management, you’re not just monitoring vaccinated immunity--you’re also monitoring natural immunity, as well.

No more firing hard-working staff. No more COVID anxiety. No more conflict.

Now, you can manage employees with both forms of immunity in your workplace with the Anzu Immunity Profile and the Anzu Immunity Management Portal.

You can’t get that from an over-the-counter IgG/IgM antibody test.

With the Anzu Immunity Profile assay, you can view all of your employees' test results in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand, HIPAA-compliant dashboard. Access to this information allows you to create new protocols and safety procedures based on immunity markers. It’s the safest way to protect workers as we move forward into the “endemic” phase of COVID-19.

Each employee will also be able to monitor their numbers in our EVE mobile app for their own peace of mind. It will also tell them whether they’ve been exposed to COVID and what variants they’re protected against.

positive antibody test

Each employee will also be able to monitor their numbers in our EVE mobile app for their own peace of mind. It will also tell them whether they’ve been exposed to COVID and what variants they’re protected against.

It’s important to note that because all immunity (whether vaccinated or natural) wanes over time, your employees will need to get retested every 4-6 months. The Immunity Management System Dashboard and EVE app will supply you with these dates as well.

This innovative technology will allow you to create new protocols and policies that are more effective at keeping your workplace safe than vaccine mandates.

Your employees will feel safer knowing where their numbers lie as well as their coworkers. 

Immunity management does more than just keep your workplace healthy. It has a ripple effect of lasting implications on your family, community, and schools by keeping people employed and preventing hospitalizations.

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