Immunity Profile Test Comparisons

These test results show why it is important that you know the strength of your own personal immunity.

Notice the difference between time elapsed since the vaccination and the Immunity Profile test. Immune strength varies widely depending upon the brand of the vaccine and natural immunity (a level of 30% is considered protective). 

Your community still has concerns and questions about moving forward as we move to the Endemic phase.

We've partnered with a team of physicians and pathologists to create the first FDA/EUA approved personal immunity test that gives individuals a snapshot of the strength of their own personal protection against COVID and its variants.

It’s the only one of its kind in the US, and we’re partnering with churches to help bring this test to their members and to their surrounding communities to help reduce fear and restore confidence.

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Help provide this invaluable service to your community and raise money for your church or school at the same time.